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It started out like a ballad,Joe Ely says. It ended up as a novel.


Reverb: An Odyssey is the first for the singer-songwriter-guitarist extraordinaire. It’s described as “a quest-novel” in the tradition of Knut Hamsunʼs Hunger and Henry Millerʼs Tropic of Capricorn.


Joe’s first book, 2007’s Bonfire of Roadmaps, was a collection of sketches, prose entries and poetry from the journals he kept on the road for decades,


In Reverb, Joe weaves the story of a young artist who may not yet know he's an artist. He sets out to explore a dangerous world with his only resource the sense of wonder as he searches. Searches for what, you may ask: He doesnʼt know. His hope is that he’ll know it if he finds it.


Get ready to settle in for a long read. Reverb is 378 pages.




Congratulations to Charla Corn who’s about to hatch another Corn-fed offspring next March, her second.



The Rio Grande is muddy, not dirty, yet the Dirty River Boys took their name from the river in their home town of El Paso. It was almost the “Muddy Water Band,” says Marco Gutierrez. (I wonder what blues singer’s family  would take exception?) Dirty River Boys is set for October 14 release.


Kimberly Dunn’s Forever on the Run is set for release October 21. And the long-anticipated releases by Wade Bowen and Stoney LaRue are out on October 28. Wade’s is self titled. Stoney’s is called Aviator.



The Iowa 80 Truckstop in Walcott, Iowa (near Davenport) is known as the World’s Largest Truckstop. True to its name, it’s big enough that not only do they have everything you expect at a truckstop, they also sell trucks inside – big rigs!



That means the building is also big enough for a concert, so the Josh Abbott Band took advantage of the space.  Here’s Josh and company at the sound check. Looks like they're doing more than just "Hangin' Around"!




We’re pumped about the annual ZiegenBock Music Festival.  This year is the 12th in the series at Sam Houston Race Park in Houston on Saturday, October 18th, with music starting at 12:30 PM.  There are 20 acts on three stages, including Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, Casey Donahew Band, Bart Crow, Pat Green. Here’s the full list so I don’t leave anybody out: http://www.ziegenbockfestivalhouston.com/LINEUP.html



Austin City Limits celebrates its 40th anniversary of groundbreaking television this coming weekend.



I heard a news story the other day about a brewery in Belgium that plans to build a two mile pipeline between the brewery and the bottling plant.  The first thing I thought of was what a great song idea for Kevin Fowler!














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