How do these things fit together?


Deodorants that work with your cologne.


Investing in vintage Apple technology. 


Exotic Jaguar sports cars with leggy, busty models blocking the view.


They’re all subjects for articles in Maxim Magazine, that bastion of All-American macho maleness.


Here’s another Maxim headline: “Josh Abbott, the Front Man with Ten Thousand Groupies.”


The headline has JAB fans asking questions, especially about this quote from the man himself: “It just so happened that the music I enjoyed writing and perhaps the vocal delivery I have was more attractive to younger college females...It makes life a lot more easy and fun when you’re on that stage and you’re not looking at 40- or 50-year-old dudes.


 “We’re there to promote a party atmosphere. We’re there to make sure everyone has a great time, drinks, dances, meets somebody and maybe gets laid that night.”


Hey, maybe you’ll get lucky.



Ray Johnston uses his songwriting skills for a song about his alma mater. 


He’s just signed a one-year licensing agreement with the University of Alabama for the use of his song “Alabama Crimson Tide.” It will be played at the Bryant Denny Stadium during all the home games this season and on radio broadcasts.  Ray will donate 15% of his iTunes revenues to the school.


Ray says, “I co-wrote this song with the goal of providing the University of Alabama, Bama fans, former players, and alumni with the best country song about our beloved Bama football team. I want this song to be played for generations at games, tailgates, and whenever a Bama person wants a great melody and lyrics about our proud tradition.”


Ray Johnston with his service dog “Lil Dude”

watching that Ray’s leukemia stays in remission.


While “Alabama Crimson Tide” is dedicated to their storied football team, Ray, the former Dallas Mavericks free agent, says that the Tide’s basketball team rolls, too!


There’s more from Ray, including a baseball story to complement this football story from a basketball guy here. http://bestintexasonline.com/bitnew/news369.htm



Miranda Lambert raised $628,148.00 for her 7th “Cause for the Paws” benefitting her beloved MuttNation Foundation.


This year the “Paws” event moved from Texas and Oklahoma to Las Vegas as part of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. “I always have a great time in Vegas, but being able to save dogs along the way was probably the best,” Miranda said. “I’m looking forward to seeing lots of dogs find loving forever homes through adoption.”


Miranda Lambert and furry friends.


The money raised from “Cause for the Paws” will be used for a variety of initiatives throughout the coming year including finishing Redemption Ranch, the first shelter owned and operated by MuttNation Foundation. It opens November 22 in Tishomingo, OK.



Here’s a great combination: Deryl Dodd and Jack Ingram together. They’ve re-cut Deryl’s “That’s The Stuff”.  Tommy Mouser debuted it on www.countrythenandnow.com and calls it “the vocal event of 2014.”



Special thanks to our Facebook friends. The Texas Music Chart has 67,170 Likes (and counting) and more than 5,300 Twitter followers!


Viva Texas Music!




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