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The Texas Top 100 for 2014


The most-played song on Texas radio in 2014 was “If Money Didn’t Matter” by Granger Smith, according to spins at stations in Texas and contiguous states that report to the weekly Texas Music Chart.


At a close number two is Mike Ryan’s “Dancing All Around It,” followed by “Hanging Around” by William Clark Green at number three.


Approximately 90 radio stations report their airplay statistics each week for the Texas Music Chart’s weekly Top 50. The Chart tracks data on more than 800 songs each year to tabulate year end airplay.   


Click here to see the Texas Top 100 for 2014


Most viewed Cluttered Corner performances of 2014.


#1 – Sam Riggs: “Hold On and Let Go”


#2 – Curtis Grimes: “Baby Don’ Cry”


#3 – Adam Hood: “Trying to Write a Love Song”


#4 – William Clark Green: “Sympathy”

#5 – Cameran Nelson: “Shotgun”










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